Elizabeth Gray, founder of the Wishi Project, and her film crew, Ashley Bishop and Jim Brassard, travel to the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador to build a primary school for the children of an indigenous, Shuar community. The project gets off to a difficult start and Greg Sheldon, founder of her sponsoring organization, is called in. Appearing in over her head, Elizabeth relinquishes control of the project to Greg and the team finds themselves facing murders, aliens, land rights issues, black market gold sales, headhunters, mad scientists, threats on their lives, and human trafficking networks. The good intentions the team brought to Ecuador become lost in translation as fear and paranoia rise. Through unapologetically honest narrations, and thorough interviews with their subjects, the filmmakers are able to provide an intimate window into their increasingly bizarre and troubling circumstances. Circus Ecuador follows the adventure, danger, and mystery of a school building project gone wrong as seen through the eyes of two, young filmmakers.

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